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Professor Ako

Handball legend. A man who developed the game. Professor of the game.

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“GOALKEEPER is an individual in a team sport, restricted to the 6 meter area with a highly expressed ego

which is very different from the other players in the team.”

Abas Arslanagic, prof.


Young goalkeepers

Contains work experience with number of great ex Yugoslavian and Croatian goalkeepers. It also covers professor’s work with Qatar national team – silver medalist at the World Championship in 2015

Handball coaches

This book is a manual for coaches, full of advices how to easily reach the main goal. It helps coaches to get to know goalkeepers better and get closer to them

Handball fans

The book is a collection of gained life experience through professors’ career, both as a player and as a coach. It tells a story of an amazing career and one complete handball era.

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7m shots saved in one match

matches played for national team

goal scored as a goalkeeper

years old when became a 1st league goalkeeper


Abas Arslanagic is the best goalkeeper in the handball history.

Arpad Sterbik

Goalkeeper, IHF World Player of the Year (2005)


Every beginner and young goalkeeper must read this book!

Danijel Saric

Goalkeeper, World Champ. 2nd place (2015)


Such goalkeeper has a lot to write about and teach youngsters!

Reno Vinek

Sports editor, Sportske novosti


Abas Arslaganic made the greatest impact to my pro career.

Mirko Basic

Goalkeeper, Olympic Gold medalist (1984)

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